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With controlled and intensive production characterizing modern fruit growing Atos initiated a new chapter


Owing to modern technological standards of storing our refrigerator secures controlled atmosphere and


Using several different types and kinds of packaging enables us to respond to all requests of our buyers


On the southern slope of Fruska Gora, the pearl of Pannonia Plane, where the nature is untouched, bathing


20. 03. 2013.


PROJECT:Healthy and fresh from orchard to kitchen table


The main goal of “Healthy and fresh from orchard to the kitchen table” is to inform consumers about the advantages of ATOS apple which is produced on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora.

Advantages of ATOS apple:

  • ATOS apple is produced in an unpolluted environment on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora mountain at an altitude of 200 to 260 meters.
  • GLOBAL GAP and ISO22000 standards secure quality and health safety of ATOS apple
  • ATOS apple is irrigated with water from the nearby natural wells and it is one of the top quality drinking waters in Serbia. The clear natural water available in three wells in our orchard is distributed by drop-by-drop system to the each tree.
  • Usage of chemical protection agents is at a minimum and is strictly controlled. The ones used in our orchard are on the Green list in Serbia, European Union and Russian Federation.
  • Thanks to high Sun exposure of the southern slopes of Fruska Gora mountain, ATOS apples undergo more intensive photosynthesis process which brings better taste and brighter color to our apples, compared to other orchard in Europe
  • Our apples are stored in modern ULO cooling facility which helps retain freshness and high quality of apples for a longer period of time.
  • HACCP standard is a guarantee of safety in the process of storage and packing.

The above-mentioned advantages distinguish ATOS apples from other producers’ apples- quality wise and health safety wise.