With controlled and intensive production characterizing modern fruit growing Atos initiated a new chapter


Owing to modern technological standards of storing our refrigerator secures controlled atmosphere and


Using several different types and kinds of packaging enables us to respond to all requests of our buyers


On the southern slope of Fruska Gora, the pearl of Pannonia Plane, where the nature is untouched, bathing


If your business includes wholesale and retail of apples, ATOS FRUCTUM offers the winning concept of distribution and sale of continuously fresh fruit. Your benefit from direct cooperation and partnership with us can be multiple.

Basic elements setting ATOS as a serious and reliable partner are:

Recognizable product quality

In the mixture of specific location, natural conditions and modern technology ATOS apples get the taste, color and quality different from other apples which will create clear and expressed demand of YOUR buyers.

Quality uniformity

ATOS apples are available to YOU throughout the year owing to technology and standards applied they are of uniform quality.


With different types of packaging and models of delivery you are able to receive ATOS apples in a way YOU prefer.


Developed distribution network, closely connected to the largest markets in Serbia, Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as possibilities of efficient export to distant location assure YOUR order is executed in shortest possible period.

Shipment reliability

Closed production system – storing – distribution as well as the size of capacity of ATOS guarantees regular shipment and honoring of set orders.