With controlled and intensive production characterizing modern fruit growing Atos initiated a new chapter


Owing to modern technological standards of storing our refrigerator secures controlled atmosphere and


Using several different types and kinds of packaging enables us to respond to all requests of our buyers


On the southern slope of Fruska Gora, the pearl of Pannonia Plane, where the nature is untouched, bathing

Atos apple from the reception after picking to the moment of leaving the refrigerator

After the reception of the apple and the entry quality control on behalf of our experts the apple is cooled in special chambers. Under strict supervision of professionals each sort is kept in specific conditions on appropriate temperature and in controlled atmosphere. Integrated system we have established enables the passing of maximum 60 minutes from the moment the apple is picked to the moment it enters the controlled atmosphere of the refrigerator. Once it enters the refrigerator the apple is kept in controlled conditions and under constant computer supervision till the final day of delivery.